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The BRDB-ROTARY CHILDREN'S RESIDENCE (BRCR) (JKM Reference No.: B/PJB KK 010/2017) is a safe Home built by ROTARY BRDB TRUST with Registered Trustees (Registration No. PPAB-20/2011), an institution jointly established by The ROTARY CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR DIRAJA (RCKLDIRAJA) and BANDARAYA DEVELOPMENTS SDN BHD, for Abandoned and Children-in-Need. BRCR is located on a 2.2 acres premises in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. More than just a Home, it is a safe place for young Abandoned and Children-in-Need of ages 3 to 10 years old, to be nurtured and shaped into responsible adults of tomorrow.

BRDB Rotary Children's Residence has both that heart and soul in the manner in which it treats the innocent children at risk. The Residence could easily be mistaken for an international school, given its contemporary structure, the spaciousness that calls out for you to "let loose" without any inhibitions and the modern furniture and fittings. The Residence boasts of a kindergarten which is managed by experienced teachers, a spacious dining area, a library, computer room, study room, an organic garden and separate dormitories for the girls and boys. A visit to the residence will leave you in awe and one can't help but be impressed with the thoughts that have gone behind this Jewel.

The heartbeat of this residence is the staff who are entrusted with the children's character development, health concerns and school matters. Recognizing that every child is different, the Residence also addresses the special schooling needs of the slow and special learners. With an aim to elevate the self-esteem of the children and to help them earn the respect that they so deserve, careful attention is given to discipline, responsibility, studies, games , arts and music.

The Residence has the potential to house 150 children and members of the public are welcome to recommend children who deserve a better life. Open, on a free of charge basis, to all children at risk aged between 3 years to 10 years, the Residence is keen to take on more children and you can be assured that the children will be on the path to a better life. We welcome both the children and financial support from members of the public and together let's make a difference to society.

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children"......Nelson Mandela

Executive Management Committee (EXCO)

The Board of Trustees ("BOT") on behalf of the Trust appoints the Executive Management Committee ("EXCO").

Executive Committee Rules

The Executive Management Committee shall be guided and ruled by the EXCO Terms of Reference ("EXCO TOR"). Such terms of reference must be reviewed and approved by majority of the BOT.

Such EXCO TOR may be reviewed from time to time by Trustees and adapted where necessary. For a change of the EXCO TOR, a two-thirds majority of the BOT is required.

Members of the EXCO

The EXCO shall consist of the following 9 members:

  • 3 person from the BOT
  • 3 person from Bandar Raya Developments Berhad ("BRDB")
  • 3 person from Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja ("RCKL DiRaja") - Children's Residence Principal Officer

The EXCO shall be managed by one member appointed as Chairman of the EXCO by the Trustees.

BRDB is to appoint their 3 representatives. RCKL DiRaja is to appoint its 3 representatives.

Members of Rotary Club KL DiRaja shall take the lead in the executive management committee and provided the Chairman for such committee. It is recommended but not mandatory that the President Elect of each Rotary year may be appointed as Chairman of the EXCO.

The EXCO may invite at its discretion from time to time qualified individuals with experience in this area of social responsibility or special tasks. Such invited participants shall have no voting rights.

Executive Committee:

President Datuk Uwe Ahrens (Chairman of EXCO)
Datuk Chan Kam Fatt (EXCO)
Ivy Josiah (EXCO)
Datuk Raj Begum (EXCO)
Ajmal Khan (EXCO)
Jonathan Choong (EXCO)
Christopher Manivannan (EXCO)

Board of Trustees:

Datuk Chan Kam Fatt
Ivy Josiah
Datuk Raj Begum



Bandar Raya Developments Berhad ("BRDB") is a leading property development and management company in Malaysia.

BRDB was incorporated in 1964, and in 1968 was one of the first property development companies to be listed on the Bursa Malaysia. Since then, BRDB has grown to prize-winning developer of successful quality lifestyle developments.

As part of its social responsibility programmes, BRDB not only develops socially-balanced and environmentally-sustainable properties, but also participates in various social development programmes, including the sponsoring and development of the BRDB-Rotary Children's Residence ("BRCR").

BRDB is the key sponsor and instrumental in the realisation of the BRCR by providing the land on which BRCR has be constructed.

The BRCR was a project driven by the CEO and Chairman of BRDB, Dato' Sri Akbar Khan, who took the leadership in the implementation in the BRDB Rotary Trust and the successful development and fit out of BRCR.

For more information on BRDB please visit: http://www.brdb.com.my

Bandar Raya Developments Berhad
Level 10 Menara BRDB
285 Jalan Maarof Bukit Bandaraya
5900 Kuala Lumpur
General : (+603) 2688 2888


The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur (as it was known then), the oldest in South-East Asia, existed in spirit as early as 1918, when leaders of government, commerce and professions residing in Kuala Lumpur mooted the idea of forming an association to promote community service and inter-community harmony.

The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur was inaugurated on 27 September 1929, with Andrew Caldecott (later Sir Andrew) as the Founder President, David Gammans (later Sir David) as the first Secretary and 29 other Founder Members - among whom were famous names such as Raja Tun Uda, Choo Kia Peng (the first Vice President), Loke Choe Thye, Mungo Park, A. Viswalingam, Dato Hamsah B Abdullah, Pat Benjamin Tallala, Khoo Teik Ee, Robert Boyd and A.S. Bailey.

The Club has a strong history of charity and community projects of Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur is wide-ranging. Among the major projects carried out during the past 80 years are the establishment of the Sungei Buloh leprosarium, the first Blood Bank, forming of the Malaysian Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis, the Brickfields House for Problem Boys, Royal Commonwealth Society of Malaya, Medic Alert Foundation, building of the Rotary-Perkim Rehabilitation Centre, establishing a bakery cum training centre for Pusat Serenti Tampin and the Rotary Training Institute for Carers of the Handicapped (RoTICH).

Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur also initiated the idea of the Outward Bound School, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It sponsored the Malaysian Zoological Society and National Zoo, Diabetes Association, donated a Mobile library, a Mobile Eye Clinic, a Mobile Blood Donor's van, skating rink at Lake Gardens, Pavilions at Taman Titiwangsa. The club contributed to the Selangor & FT Spastic Children's Association Building and many other projects.

In recognition of the 70 years of service Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur had given to the community, the then Sultan of Selangor conferred the Royal status on the club effective 8 October 1997.

This was and still is a great honour to the club as at that time no other Rotary club in the world had been given the "Royal" status. On 21 October 1997, Rotary International approved the name change of Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur to The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja.

The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja operates the Kuala Lumpur Rotary Charity Foundation (KLRCF) and a Cancer Fund and now jointly the BRDB Rotary Trust for the BRDB-Rotary Children's Residence.

The BRDB-Rotary Children's Residence was a long term club project with many participants successfully brought to completion by the leader ship the honourable past president Datuk Chan Kam Fatt.

For more information on RCKL DiRaja please visit: http://www.rotarykldiraja.org/

RCKL DiRaja meets weekly at the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, Wednesdays 12.45-2pm
168, Jalan Imbi, Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
General : (+603) 2032 2388

RCKL DiRaja is a member of Rotary International, an international association of professional and businessmen founded in the US in 1905 to promote community service.